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"Remember who the real enemy is"

The real enemy is not your body. The real enemy is not calories. The real enemy is not fat. The real enemy is not who you are.

The enemy is the eating disorder. The enemy is what you got put through. The enemy is the thing in your head that makes you want to hurt yourself.

What you see when you look in the mirror or look at your plate or look at your scale is NOT the enemy

I think haymitch meant snow



in “reindeers are better than people” kristoff’s all goofy and “PEOPLE WILL CHEAT YOU AND SCREW YOU OVER” and everybody’s like haha!! charming!! and i’m like 

who hurt you 

who hurt you 

I agree. Also, I want to know why he was with the ice dudes if one of them wasn’t a family member or maybe a good family friend who took him along to help. Like, after that Troll mama adopted him, did NO ONE go to look or something??? 

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